Ethan Fairbanks

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and for a change I’m not even trying to go out for the holiday.  So while I’m in for the weekend hammering away at Shadowdawn: Genesis and another project, here is the final design for Ethan:

Ethan Fairbanks
Ethan Fairbanks

As the ambassador from Xalmeise, his design had to represent the high-dependency on technomancy that his homeland is known for.  I thought about giving him more mecha-styled armor similar to Ket, but he’s a classy gentleman in the strictest sense and opted for a clean, slick design.  The biggest changes are his shirt/vest colors from before, and I decided to darken the tint on his glasses, though some alt colors will have clear lenses.  I also changed his Xalmeisian service medal into a lapel pin.


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