Character Portraits – Arashi and Morsett

As I push to complete art assets for Shadowdawn: Genesis, I am trying to produce versions of each of the character to be used for the status menu graphics.  Since these pictures are the ones that show the entire design, they naturally need to be zoomed out drawings with fairly relaxed poses, but I decided to practice drawing backgrounds for posting this final series to the public.  Hope you like them!

Arashi Kageyama
Arashi Kageyama

Arashi has been a work in progress since the start of the the Shadowdawn saga, and as such has experienced the most iterations, but I can safely say now I am completely content with her design and colors.

Morsett Daikuri
Morsett Daikuri

And here’s Morsett, redesigned from the ground up.  I only kept a few elements from the previous design and changed most of his dominant colors to dark blues and greens (also to help mix up the colors across the cast in general). I’m rather fond of the character and his pride in being a seasoned kleptomaniac, all the while being a total clutz.  I have a feeling he’ll be in a lot of player’s final party rosters.

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