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Another day for an HP bar
Another day for an HP bar

Not much super enlightening to say today.  I added aiming/facing code so the game knows which way to turn the sprite (character) of Arashi when running… more importantly it points the sword in the correct direction.

I also added the hit point overlay today.  As you can see, it is quite small because it was borrowed from a design from Shadowdawn which let the player have a large party of characters.  This game only lets you control Arashi, so I am planning to move the hp and aura gauge to the bottom and fill most of the edge with the data.  I think that is important for an action game to be able to see your health very clearly even when focused on multiple enemies coming your way.

Tomorrow, I will begin some collision detection code and more excitingly, I’m going to add the first enemy sprite to the map and have it wander around passively.  If it goes really well, I may start programming some aggressive AI.  Look out Arashi, the kittris are coming!

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