Walk Cycles and Evolving Combat

So one thing I’ve been putting off on Arashi’s final animations are the apparently infamous walking cycles.  I’ve had no training or schooling in animation so this has been kind of a kick in the face out of nowhere; apparently drawing a walk cycle is much more difficult than other, more exaggerated actions.

It’s pretty amazing actually, when I started the game I was not sure I could do more than 3 frames for ANY animation, just to keep things timely.  As I get better at drawing Arashi in various poses and actions, I realize I want to do things right.  So now, somehow I have an 8 frame walk cycle animation in 4 directions.  32 frames just for walking… when most people will be running (which takes a few less frames per direction).  If anything, it may demonstrate the level of detail I’m willing to give to this game world.

Another thing that has changed over the course of developing the game is the core combat sequence.  Originally Arashi wasn’t going to have access to the skillset her Shadowdawn-future self would have, but there’s actually going to be a decent (let alone logical) explanation for why any of her skills she learns in this game won’t necessarily carry over to the game set later, so I’ve been expanding her “Mirage Blade” (aka shinkirouken) abilities to be a core part of her levelling-up system – which in turn became fully integrated into the combat design.  This helps both offense and especially defense, something I’ve been most worried about is that people won’t realize how powerful defensive abilities are in this game versus simple brute force which most action RPGs devolve into.  Maybe I’ve learned something from Demon’s Souls… I can’t be afraid to make a game challenging as long as there’s a solution to be found 🙂

I’ll try to get some video recorded of Arashi doing stuff other than standing around once I finish cleaning up the frames for walking and running, so everyone can have something visual (just showing a screenshot of one frame isn’t very exciting I guess)

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