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adding some action
adding some action

So I fixed the floating point error that was making the tile scrolling jump around, and decided for the sake of illustrating what I’m trying to accomplish I filled in a second temporary grass tile (the yellow marked ones).  Things are starting to come together; Arashi can now run around the entire map without any errors.

Even better, I have started the combat code.  For now, since at the first stage Arashi can only use single sword swipes, that’s all I’m focusing on.  The bokken (wooden katana) only appears for a brief amount of time and will animate with Arashi when I get a chance to start doing the actual animations.  So far so good, each sword swing needs a unique button press (holding it down does nothing beyond the first swing), and the weapon won’t be drawn when the attack window is closed.

Next step, collision detection!  Or the status overlay (gotta show people hit points and stuff!) whichever I get to first.

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