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Shadowdawn Genesis

Active backup party members (LOCKED) Customize skills (LOCKED) Assist/combination attacks (LOCKED) Chain skills (LOCKED)
Cooking and crafting (LOCKED) Items, tools, and technomancy (LOCKED) Experience Disciplines (LOCKED) And more options! (LOCKED)

Shadowdawn Genesis aims to evolve the 2D RPG genre with high-resolution hand-animated graphics, fast paced exploration through a continuous map, save-anywhere, a checkpoint system allowing instant access to any secured area, an easy to use real-time combat system supporting advanced tactics and customizations from skills to party formation, and the potential for deep interactions with everyone Arashi meets.

When more information and example media becomes available, the above topics will unlock to explain the more advanced and unique gameplay options available. Until then, please look forward to the game!


Arashi talking to KetMenus
Critical hit!A secret cove
Parried attack

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